Things Your Child Needs at Camp

A Healthy Camp Starts at Home!

Here are some things you can do to assure your child has a great summer camp experience.

UPF 50+ sun Protection Water T-Shirt

Each Camper must come to MiniCamp wearing this protection T-shirt daily. We offer 1 free T-shirt to all our members. If your child needs an extra T-shirt, you can buy one at $30..

Swim Suit

All MiniCampers must come to camp wearing his / her swimsuit..


It is recommended that you put sunscreen on your child before they leave home to come to camp. Also, Don't forget to send sunscreen with your children, and we advice you instruct your child how to use sunscreen. Even though our coaches will be there at all times to assist them.


We highly recommend that each camper comes to MiniCamp wearing a cap to give extra protection from the sun. The Cap must be labeled from inside with your child’s name.


A Towel will be needed daily to be used after swimming session.

Water Bottle

Each camp member should have a water bottle with him/her. When its empty, we are responsible for refilling their bottles making sure that they are hydrated at all times.

Change of cloths

For ages 3 to 7 we recommend sending one complete set of extra clothing including underwear and one towel For ages 8 and above we recommend sending one extra t-shirt and one towel. -Please do not send any additional clothing or any unnecessary items, as it might increase the chances of them getting lost. MINICAMP is not responsible for any item lost.

Closed shoes

Closed-toed shoes are a requirement for sports activities. This will help avoid slips, trips, and falls, which could cause injuries.


All items sent by your child should be labeled with his/her name. I.e. on thier Bags, water bottles, clothes – on the tags.


  • When your child/children show signs of illness, keep them home. This greatly reduces the spread of illness at camp.
  • Fatigue plays a part in injuries. Ensure they get enough rest at night.
  • Building a partnership between you and the camp staff is essential for your child to have the best camp experience possible this summer!