Optional Day Trip (Every Friday)


Since the summer camp runs from Monday through Thursday, camper has an optional day trip that takes place outside the Hotel premises every Friday.

Places we go to are:

KidzMondo, Swing, Amusement centers , Waves, Rio Lento, Water Gate, Splash Mountains, Grotto Jietta, Visit to the Zoo, Factories e.g Soap factory, ice-cream factory, soft drink factory etc…

Additional trip day costs 50$, which includes entrance fees, transportation from hotel and Resort, to destination and back to the hotel, Lunch and monitors .

Special offer for MINICAMP MEMBERS ONLY: A minimum of 5 trips (pre-booked) will cost $45 instead of $50 per trip!

Other members not registered at MINICAMP are most welcome to join us during our field trips.

Meeting point will be at the chosen Hotel premises.
Our monitors will be lining up the kids, continuously counting all members on board with us during the field trip day.

Drop Off Time: Our monitors will be waiting to gather all the kids at the chosen Hotel premises by no later than 9am on Friday morning.

Pick up time: Our monitors will make sure all the kids are being safely picked up by parents, guardians or drivers by no later than 3:30 pm on Friday afternoon.