Online Application

Rules & Regulations:
● Respect all staff members/teachers
● Respect your friends
● Stay with your selected group at all times
● Participate and show good sportsmanship
● No abusive language at camp
● Handle MINICAMP's equipment with care
The camp accepts girls and boys aged 3-14. It is understood that campers will conduct themselves in a manner befitting a guest in a camp in a foreign country and will abide by the rules and regulations. The administration reserves the right to send home any camper who does not adhere to the above or does not respect the camp rules. In such cases, no refund will be given. There will be no refund for half a day stay, for any days missed. The same applies in case of withdrawal or dismissal or cancellation after the beginning of camp. During the enrollment process, you will receive all the necessary information. Only the full conditions present on the website are valid.
Cancellation policy:
● 2 weeks prior to arrival: Fully refundable
● 1 week prior to arrival: $100 Penalty
● Same or after confirmed starting date: None refundable