Frequently Asked Questions

Can you pick us up?
Transportation is available upon request. Bus fees to be advised during the camp.
Do we have to send water with our child?
Yes, Each camp member should have a water bottle with him/her. When its empty, we are responsible for refilling their bottles making sure that they are hydrated at all times.
Does the child go to the toilet alone?
From ages 3 till 7, the group assistant goes with the child to the toilet and brings him/her back to their station.
For ages 8 and above, we send them in pairs or groups, which we believe is safer for the child.
What shall we send with our child?
Please refer to Things your child needs at camp.
Can we drop off our kids earlier than 8:30am?
It is not advisable, since they will not be doing anything until 9:00am. On the other hand our staff members arrive at 8:15am.
Spoken languages?
English, French and Arabic.