About Us

History of MiniCamp

As a leading summer camp in Lebanon, Martin (MINI) Mugharbil founded MINICAMP in 2001. The idea was to create a safe joyful environment where kids can spend their summer vacation, doing sports and educational activities in a fun and entertaining way. MINICAMP has built a well reputable name over years, which is known for its consistent quality of service provided by highly qualified and reliable coaches.

The camp allows children to interact with other kids from different backgrounds allowing them to strengthen their social and communication skills. Once they arrive on our campus, they are encouraged to participate fully in every activity and respect each other, no matter what their ability level is.

We provide an environment that combines excellence in teaching with patience, good humor and kindness. MINICAMP allows participants the chance to grow, take risks, acquire leadership traits, feel a sense of belonging and most importantly, have FUN!

In short, MINICAMP is an organized, well-disciplined, secure and safe place for your kids.

Martin's Background

Hi, I'm Mini!

Founded by MARTIN MUGHARBIL also known as "MINI", former professional basketball player. Owner of MINICAMP summer camp for kids since 2001

Mini is a big guy with a big heart, driven by his passion for sports, and his love for kids.

He seems to enjoy helping individuals improve their skills and abilities. When people get better at something, it makes him happier. Maybe that's why he coaches. He likes being around happy people.

He's fit, fun and dedicated, and his infectious spirit will run through you. Mini brings his vast knowledge, love of Sports and his impressive and effective teaching and organizational skills right to you at MINICAMP. With his fresh and personal approach, He's already made the MINICAMP coaching staff better.